The Santé Group of Companies

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Santé Services

We work in partnership with public health departments, mental health agencies, law enforcement and others to promote a wide array of tailored treatment options to help people who experience emotional health challenges receive the support services they need to heal and recover.

The Rock Creek Foundation

We believe that having a disability should not prevent anyone from having the opportunity to participate in everyday life. That’s why we have been pioneering the field of behavioral health services for people dually diagnosed with developmental disabilities as well as severe and persistent mental illness -- to ensure that each person we serve can develop the skills they need to live as independently as possible, in their own communities and is able to realize his or her potential in ways that they could not before. Learn more about Rock Creek Foundation.

CCRN Educational & Behavioral Support Services

Our mission is to rejuvenate and strengthen individuals and families living with behavioral health, developmental, or other special needs through a child-centered, family-focused, inter-agency team approach. We believe in the value and unique worth of all individuals. Learn more about CCRN.


Our Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) provides Crisis Intervention Services to individuals in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina who are experiencing an acute crisis. We are committed to providing immediate capable, compassionate support seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Learn more about CriSyS.

The Santé Group of Companies

The Santé Group comprises several companies that provide community-based emergency response and comprehensive mental health services to individuals in need and their families and loved ones.


For more than four decades, our approach has been to focus on a person’s health, not the problem, because we believe that recovery is possible and hope is always present.