How We Help

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A Behavioral Health and Emergency Response Pioneer

Originally developed as a way to broaden the services provided by our sister organization, the Rock Creek Foundation, The Santé Group has become a leader in providing behavioral health and emergency response services to a diverse client base.

We help our clients achieve three main goals:

  • To heal: We promote a wide array of treatment and support options, including some not traditionally available, to help people who have experienced mental health and psychiatric incidents receive the support services they need to get better.
  • To recover: Our established offerings, including crisis response services, psychiatric recovery programs, out-patient mental health centers and residential rehabilitation programs and employment services, are tailored to help restore the health of each person.
  • To thrive: We ensure that each person can develop the skills they need to live as independently as possible, in their own communities, and able to realize his or her potential in ways that they could not in a different setting.

Our services are generally delivered in conjunction with other public entities, such as public health departments, mental health agencies and law enforcement. And our clinical teams are highly trained, nationally recognized experts who respond to the particular needs of each client and deliver services that are individualized and flexible.