Crisis Response
Serving the most vulnerable throughout Maryland.

When a crisis arises from a situational, behavioral, or mental health challenge, who do you call?

The Santé Group has served as the primary crisis response to all behavioral and mental health challenges throughout Maryland counties since 1998. As the state’s oldest crisis services Group, we pioneered the development of innovative crisis services and the necessary technology and communication systems to provide immediate experienced and compassionate support to individuals, families, loved ones, and communities in crisis.

‘The Santé Way’, rooted in the belief that recovery is always possible and hope is always present, has guided our team since the beginning. This belief led our dedicated clinicians and therapists to initiate one of the first Mobile Crisis Teams in the United States. Our Mobile Crisis Teams have since expanded throughout Maryland and even into North Carolina.


Mental Health First Responders

The Santé Group is equipped to serve as mental health first responders, giving individuals in Maryland the opportunity to:

  1. Define their own crisis
  2. Get immediate access to crisis support by phone or in-person
  3. Receive personalized treatment and planning
  4. Never feel alone during crisis

The Santé Group’s core crisis services are listed below, followed by select crisis services per county.

Crisis Response Services

In Maryland's Baltimore, Carroll, and Prince George’s Counties, as well as the 8 counties throughout the Eastern Shore, and the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, The Santé Group offers the following Crisis Response services to individuals:

Some systems will have additional modalities specific to their location:

School Intervention Teams

In Cecil County and Mecklenburg County, our School Intervention Teams are solely dedicated to working with students within the county school systems who are experiencing mental health crises. Our teams respond to crisis situations, working with students and their loved ones to arrive at a safe and stable crisis plan and provide connection to necessary community resources.

Learn more about School Intervention in your county:

Cecil County, Eastern Shore

Mecklenburg County

In-Home Intervention Team

Our In-Home Intervention Teams in Baltimore and Prince George’s County Maryland work with individuals and families to develop intervention strategies in hopes of avoiding future crises. We evaluate your situation at home to develop a multi-week strategy to bring relief and position you towards recovery. In addition, our team works with individuals who have experienced a crisis and need longer-term care services to ensure necessary linkage to the resources and care they need to recover.

Call 301-429-2185 to learn more about Prince George's County’s In-Home Intervention Team, and 410-931-2214 to learn more about Baltimore County’s In-Home Intervention Team.

Urgent Care Clinics

Our Urgent Care Clinics offer diagnostic evaluations and assessments to Baltimore and Prince George’s County residents who need immediate care and support. We take the time to understand the mental health or substance use emergencies for each individual and provide tailored treatment resources, referrals, and recommended next steps, including therapy and medication management.

Open seven days a week, Prince George’s County and Baltimore County residents can receive care within 48 hours.

Learn more about our Urgent Care Clinics in your county:

Baltimore County

Prince George's County

Care Coordinator Specialist

In Baltimore County, our Care Coordinator is specifically trained to work with individuals who have been admitted to the emergency room by the Mobile Crisis Team. This individual works alongside all crisis service components to connect individuals with specialized resources and appropriate referrals and linkage sources.

Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Program

The Santé Group’s Transitional Age Youth Program (TAY) in Prince George’s County is specifically designed to address and respond to any challenge youth ages 16-21 encounter, from homelessness to mental health instability. Our Program staff consists of licensed and specially trained clinicians and peer support specialists equipped to respond to youth in crisis.

Learn more about the TAY Program: Prince George's County

MCSS Program

Youth stabilization program with DSS

Eastern Shore