Behavioral Health Crisis Response
Serving the most vulnerable throughout Maryland.

When a crisis arises from a situational, behavioral, or mental health challenge, who do you call?

The Santé Group has served as the primary crisis response to all behavioral and mental health challenges throughout Maryland counties since 1998. As the state’s oldest crisis services Group, we pioneered the development of innovative crisis services and the necessary technology and communication systems to provide immediate experienced and compassionate support to individuals, families, loved ones, and communities in crisis.

‘The Santé Way’, rooted in the belief that recovery is always possible and hope is always present, has guided our team since the beginning. This belief led our dedicated clinicians and therapists to initiate one of the first Mobile Crisis Teams in the United States. Our Mobile Crisis Teams have since expanded throughout Maryland and even into North Carolina.

The Santé Group is equipped to serve as mental health first responders, giving individuals in Maryland the opportunity to:

  1. Define their own crisis
  2. Get immediate access to crisis support by phone or in-person
  3. Receive personalized treatment and planning
  4. Never feel alone during crisis

The Santé Group’s core crisis services are listed below, followed by select crisis services per county.

Crisis Response Services

In Maryland's Baltimore and Carroll Counties, as well as the 8 counties throughout the Eastern Shore, and the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, The Santé Group offers the following Crisis Response services to individuals:

Some systems will have additional modalities specific to their location: