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Let 'The Santé Way' Guide Your Success

The Santé Group, a behavioral health services pioneer for more than 40 years, can guide anyone with emotional health challenges to find what they are seeking — namely, the support they need to heal, recover, and thrive.

Our success is made possible by a number of factors. We believe in the dignity of risk, that everyone has the right to make the choices they want, even if they risk failure. And we follow what we call 'The Santé Way', a set of guiding principles, developed over the years while navigating tough times -- such as changes in the healthcare, funding, or regulatory landscape -- that have allowed us to be successful and to recruit and retain a highly dedicated and thoroughly trained staff.

Our clinical teams are nationally recognized experts who won’t settle for “desk jobs” -- they meet people where they are, in the community, work with them to resolve immediate crises that are seriously affecting their lives, and go home every day knowing they made a true impact.

Are you a mental health professional with a genuine passion for cutting-edge behavioral health work and the desire to provide the best care possible? We want to hear from you. Contact The Santé Group today.

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Please note: This site is not monitored for responses to crisis or emergency communications left on the site. If this is a life-threatening emergency call 911. For an immediate response in the following counties, call our crisis hotlines in Baltimore County (410-931-2214), Carroll County (410-952-9552), or the Eastern Shore (888-407-8018), as well as Mecklenburg County NC (704-566-3410, option 1). For crisis response in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, please call 988.