Who We Help

Providing experienced, compassionate support to individuals, families, partners, and communities.

Supporting Individuals & Families

Over 47 million people across the nation are experiencing a diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder; millions more are experiencing severe yet undiagnosed distress resulting from mental health challenges.

Since 1973, The Santé Group has provided experienced and compassionate behavioral health crisis response and outpatient treatment and recovery services to families and individuals across their lifespan, including dedicated services to support seniors in their golden years. Our core values, together with the belief that recovery is always possible and hope is always present, propel our team to ensure no one - regardless of background or life situation - feels alone in their time of need.

  • Our Differences Make Us Stronger.
  • Treat People Well.
  • Do The Right Thing.
  • Have A Little Fun.


Local Government

  • Jail Systems
  • Social Services
  • Justice Systems
  • Health Departments
    • Substance Use Providers
    • Local Behavioral Health Authorities
  • Court Service Agencies


  • Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Public & Private Schools
  • Primary, Secondary, Postsecondary Education

Healthcare Systems

  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Outpatient Centers
  • Behavioral Health Providers

First Responders

  • EMS
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire & 911 Dispatch

Supporting Communities

The Santé Group is committed to supporting communities throughout 13 counties in two states. Our dedicated team of clinicians, therapists, and peers provide behavioral health emergency response and intervention relief to corporations, small businesses, and group homes, among others, facing a crisis, natural disaster, or trauma. Together with our partners, we are dedicated to providing immediate support as well as education surrounding available resources, services, and assistance to the people and businesses within the communities we are privileged to serve.


Group Homes

Residential Housing

Community Centers

Peer Community Centers